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When I first arrived in France In February 2012, I was grappling with indecision about whether to continue or resign my full-time volunteer work back in Canada. After some months thinking it over, I still could not make a decision.

Using her professionnal coaching skills, Pascale helped me sort out the situation. Listening carefully and asking probing questions, she helped uncover my true feelings about the volunteer work itself, my relationships with the other volunteers, and the impact this work was having on my life.

As I became closer to making the decision to resign, Pascale suggested I compile a summary of the various tasks I normally performed, a job description to be used by the organization after my resignation. I spelled out my position and its responsibilities and was able to feel satisfied that the job description would help the group find a replacement without difficulty.

In fact, I’m thrilled with my decision to resign and wonder if it would have felt as ‘certain’ without Pascale Vernetti’s help. Thank you Pascale, for your help in this important decision.

Marilyn Pincock

Corporate business writer

Pincock and Associates

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