Vernetti Creative offers training to maximize your corporate potential. With years of experience in Human Resources, Pascale can create training sessions to develop team management and win / win negotiation strategies. Through a fun, positive and safe environment, Vernetti Creative has a proven approach to help improve a CV and enhance interview skills with practice role play scenarios.

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Training services offered by Vernetti Creative:

  • Training Human Resources
  • Help and Improvement with CV and Interview Skills
  • Corporate Training – Management training based on Hercule’s 12 tasks : ‘The Gods of Management.’
  • Interculturality : different dimensions (Hofstede) and how to use the 5D Model
  • Power distance
  • Individualism
  • Masculinity
  • Uncertainty Avoidance
  • Long-term Orientation


Training Needs Assessment

Training needs assessment can be as simple as asking an employee what they’d like to be able to do better to as complex as developing an individualized training plan for every employee. Learn how to select appropriate training needs assessment approaches and tools.

Conduct a Simple Training Needs Assessment

Want to quickly learn the training needs of a group of employees who have similar jobs? Yet, you don’t want to develop and implement a survey, put the questions in a computer program, or run analyses on demographic information you collect. This training needs assessment works best in small to mid-sized organizations. It will give you a quick assessment of the training needs of an employee group. This training needs assessment helps find common training programs for a group of employees


 A- identify your skills

How to highlight them in your cv ?

What are transferable skills?

Transferable skills are talents you’ve acquired that can help an employer but that aren’t immediately relevant to the job you are looking for, like volunteer work, hobbies, sports, previous jobs, college coursework or even life happenings can lead you to find these skills. Any skill is transferable; the trick is showing employers how it applies and is useful to them.

Identify transferable skills

With so much experience — in work and otherwise — the thought of sifting through it to recognize your applicable skills might sound scary. But, it’s not as hard as you think.

Asking yourself questions like, “What are my three favorite accomplishments?” or “What activities make me the happiest?” will help you find your transferable skills easily, says Dawn Clare, a career and life coach.

“Evaluate your whole life, not just professional experiences,” she says. “The point is to determine skill strengths. Use a framework of school, job, personal and organizational activities to determine your relevant accomplishments.”

Start with the job you seek and identify the three most important abilities you’ll need to do that job well, Donlin says. Then look over your experience and describe what you’ve done before in terms of what you want to do next. The best way to do this is through customized résumés and cover letters.

Organize your résumé by skill area or accomplishments rather than chronologically or functionally. Categorize all applicable skills, highlights and experiences and group them in categories such as “professional highlights,” “skills summary” and “professional experience” and place them at the top of your CV. This will not pigeonhole you into a closed career option,” but will “showcase all your abilities for many career options.”

– Sell your skills to an employer

Most marketable skills can be grouped into broad categories and broken down further based on the job you’re applying for. For example, communication is a general skill area, which can be broken down into such skills as speaking effectively, writing concisely or negotiation.

You must do all the thinking for the person reading your CV

We will cover CV and cover letter over a three hour workshop either in French or in English.

 B – Techniques to help you set up interviews

 C- Interviewing training through role plays, telephone, face to face and group interview rehearsals. All based on a competency-Based Approach : linking Core competencies to your Business strategy.

What are the crucial competencies? It depends on the type and the structure of the company. This is the key – alignment –that makes the Competency-Based Approach most effective. Every company has its own ‘competency model ‘ or ‘corporate image’ and it is always astute to check the company website of the company you wish to appy to, in order to determine if your skills are in alignment with the company ethos.

Vernetti Creative workshops are practical and interactive. We practice this strategy during the seminars.

Some feedback from happy customers

“Exercises varies, Interactive, Communicative, Dynamic/ positive, Clear English speaking, professional, Smiling, Listen to client’s requirements and different levels, Interesting, does not follow a routine, Imaginative/diversity, Dedicative /give good advice”



Coming soon … Hercules 12 Tasks Management Training

Management training based on Hercules 12 tasks: ‘The Gods of Management.’

Program to be launched in Sept 2011 and will cover the following :

  • How to develop your assertiveness
  • Manage a difficult team member
  • Meetings management. Professional communication. How to use Body language.
  • How to anticipate stressful situations and turn them to your advantage
  • Evaluate and enhance your team’s skills
  • Win/win negotiation strategies
  • Once again the workshops are practical and based upon experience. Based upon Hercules’ tasks, we analyze his strategy and test it in a practical role play before reinforcing it with management theory.