Notes and To Do Lists

 To Do Lists

Doug’s List email forwarding

I am unclear whether this expires on May 15, 2015 or Feb 18, 2016. Will need to check in late May and, if not working, decide if we need to renew.

Notifications on Social Media

Look at automatic posts on social media when new post is made on

Blog.Following, Comments and Subscriptions

Propose a strategy

English Page Edits

Marilyn will do some editing/organization

Pascale’s List

Review Comments: Look those comments above related to how I do things and let me know if you want anything different done


There are some translations needed and I would do it badly; so you need to look at these. The following come to mind.

  Contact Pages

There are now two – one English and one French; can you provide translation for French one. This should include the title (“Contactez-nous” ?)

French Menu

Some questions:

  • The item that is “Pascale Vernetti” is “About” on the English menu (normal usage). Is there a French word that is usual in this case
  • We should change the title of the French contact page : Contact
  • Any other changes?
Edit of French Pages

Some of the editing Marilyn will do will be about organization and consistency – same person throughout for example. Once this is done, you may want to review the French pages in the same light

Review Site

Look at site itself, Doug’s to do list and notes below. Suggest changes if any.

I am editing the main page of the site

Site Notes

The following summarize some features of  and decisions I made concerning of the website

Admin and Editing Accounts

I will provide sign in information for three users:

  • Admin: A “Super User” who can change anything. Normally, I or anyone else who might manage the site in the future would use this account
  • Two accounts with esiting privileges (one for Marilyn and one for Pascale) which have the ability to create pages and articles but won’t let you do dangerous things

Categories and Tags

Based on what I have read the best use of tags is to further subdivide categories, For example, in a news site, “Sports” might be a category and individual articles might be tagged with the particular sport they are about (football, golf, etc.). As there will not be a huge number of articles on this site, tags don’t seem necessary and I have eliminated them.

Tags can always be brought back later if necessary.


In addition to cleaning up duplication, Marilyn will do an edit on the English pages

Separate English and French Sections

The top bar now points to appropriate sections with a flag to switch from one language to another.

Editing Pages

Pages are the static things that don’t change and are usually pointed at in the top menu. If pages are added, the following two steps are necessary:

  1. Assign the page to the parent English or FRançais as appropriate– no parent is necessary for the French page
  2. If it is to appear in the Top Menu  (done in the Appearance -> Menu section), the admin user needs to adds it to the right menu (English for English pages and Main for French pages)

When you create the pages (perhaps leaving them as drafts), I can look after the publishing and menu aspects.

Comments on Pages

The site was allowing user comments on pages. They are now disabled. Comments are open for Blog posts though.

Writing Articles


Getting access to site  statistics : I cannot do it …