Human Resources

Vernetti Creative provides Human Resources support for all of your recruitment needs. With a proven best practice approach used by large corporations including British Airways, Vernetti Creative can help develop assessment centers to recruit and attract the best employees for your team. From designing job specifications to the whole recruitment process, Vernetti Creative will support your team all the way.

Below learn more about:


1.) Determine the Competency

What is the competency? The name given to ‘any combination of skills, knowledge, attitude or underlying motivation which can be applied in a way which delivers effective or superior performance on the job’

2.) ORCE Methodology

When recruiting Vernetti Creative follows the ORCE methodology when recruiting (a best practice followed by British Airways):

Grading according to ORCE:

O for observation

R for record

C for classify

E for evaluate

3.) The Advantages of the ORCE methodology

Interview questions relate directly to the skills needed for the role

Candidate’s responses are based on actual experiences and behaviors, meaning the information collected is highly relevant

CBIS (competency based interviews) follow a systematic process which can be repeated by multiple interviewers

4) Evaluation

Responses are then recorded and graded against a rating scale.

An example of a typical rating scale :

3: Exceeds required standards

2: Meets required standards

1: does not meet required standards

5) Tips how to proceed

  • Rate each competency
  • Look at the balance of positive and negative evidence before assigning an overall rating for each competency
  • Analyze word by word individually


Using the method above, in practice let’s establish a position to recruit for : A Human Resources Manager

Skills required for the position of the Human Resources Manager :

  • passionate about their work
  • confidentiality
  • Good negotiation skills
  • good organizational skills
  • Creative
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Diplomatic
  • Empathy
  • Technical knowledge : IT/LAW/Social issues

Example of questions to ask a candidate :

1.) Can you think of a specific situation when you had to negotiate? – skill covered negotiation

Positive indicators +

Negative indicators –

Good elocution

Poor elocution

Customer service orientated

Lack  of self confidence

Ability to reach results

Lack of empathy

Total indicators +

Total indicators –

Total score reached : 1: fail 2: meet standard required 3: exceed standard required

2) Could you tell me about a time when you had to deal with an angry employee? – skill covered : diplomacy

Positive indicators +

Negative indicators –

Evidence of helping employee

Too directive

Tentative to find  creative solutions

Not available

Managed to avoid conflict

Lack of assertiveness

Evidence of listening skills

Not patient

Total indicators +

Total indicators –

Total score reached : 1: fail 2: meet standard required 3: exceed standard required

3.) Can you think of a situation when you had in your team a demotivated team member ? what did you do ? what was the result ? what could you have done better ? skills covered : leadership skills

Positive indicators +

Negative indicators –

Good listening skills

Persuasion skills


Tentative of finding a creative solution

Rude behavior

Demonstration of assertiveness

No evidence

Loosing patience

Total scores +

Total scores –

Total score reached : 1: fail 2: meet standard required 3: exceed standard required Total questions 1, 2, 3 : either : Pass or Fail